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Gro Controller

Easily control water flow to 7 different zones.

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Uses local weather data
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Connect to your phone

Gro™ Controller

Easily control water flow to 7 different zones.

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Updates with changes in weather, or changes in your schedule

Our Gro™ Smart Controller simplifies your life by using real-time weather data and knows plant watering needs to automatically adjust your watering schedules.

Control your yard, anytime, anywhere

Turn your sprinklers on or off instantly from your Gro™ Connect app, no matter where you are or what device you’re on.

Simple to install

With Gro™, replacing your old irrigation controller couldn’t be easier. No digging. No need for a contractor.

Alexa, My Lawn Looks Thirsty

Let Alexa help you with your lawn and garden. With simple, intuitive commands like 'Alexa, my lawn looks thirsty', or 'Alexa, water my plants for 10 minutes' your Gro Controller and Echo will help you keep your lawn and garden looking great.

Hey Google, Water My Plants

Your Google Home can now control your sprinkler system with the Gro™ Controller. Plants need a little extra water? Just say, 'Hey Google, water my plants for 10 minutes' and your Gro™ Controller will do the rest.

Tech Specs

  • Zones 7
  • Connectivity Wi-Fi
  • Placement Indoor
  • EPA WaterSense Certified Yes
  • Dimensions 6.93" W x 6.93" H x 1.55" D
  • Power Input 120 VAC
  • Station Input 24 VAC
  • Zone Detection Automatic

What's in the box

  • Gro® 7 Zone Controller
  • Instruction Manual
  • Wall Screws X4
  • Power Supply
  • Wire Labels

What you will need

iOS or Android Device
Internet Connection & Wi-Fi Router
In-Ground Irrigtation System
Electrical Outlet
Philips Screwdriver

How to Install and Configure