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The Integrated Garden

Integrate your gro controller and sensor seamlessly into your connected life to get more from your lawn and garden.

Amazon Alexa

Let Alexa help you with your lawn and garden. With simple, intuitive commands like 'Alexa, my lawn looks thirsty', or 'Alexa, water my plants for 10 minutes' your Gro Controller and Echo will help you keep your lawn and garden looking great.

Google Home

Your Google Home can now control your sprinkler system with the Gro Controller. Plants need a little extra water? Just say, 'Hey Google, water my plants for 10 minutes' and your Gro Controller will do the rest.

Gro Connect for iPhone

If you have an iPhone you manage your Controller or Sensors from anywhere. With the Gro Connect App and Gro Controller, you'll have real-time control of your sprinklers, receive system alerts, and more. Have a Gro Sensor? Use your Gro Connect App for watering reminders or to see if your favorite houseplant needs a little more water.

Gro Connect for Android

With Gro Connect for Android, you can manage your Controller or Sensors from anywhere in the world. Use the app to configure Smart Watering schedules, control sprinklers in real-time, get watering reminders from your plants, and receive system alerts.