Gro Water Sensors

Take the guesswork out of when to water with smart moisture sensors.
"As Seen at CES Jan 2018"

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For indoor and outdoor plants
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Managed from your phone

What if your plants could talk?

From houseplants to gardens to lawns, Gro™ Water Sensors measure the moisture content in your plant’s soil and uses science to tell you when they’re thirsty.

Know more. Grow more.

The Gro™ Connect app lets you add up to 32 sensors that compare moisture levels in soil against a database of plant-specific information, ensuring that you know how to get your plants just the right amount of water.

Simple to install

Getting your smart water sensor up and running is as easy as plugging in the hub, placing the sensor, and connecting them with the Gro™ Connect app.

How to Install and Configure